Seven perspectives on selling – to bosses, clients, customers, and consumers.



In one or two exceptional cases, customer demand is so high that a company barely has to make an effort to sell its stuff.

This is extremely rare, so for everyone else a successful selling approach is needed.

And that means an effective sales strategy.

But in some countries, notably the UK, ‘sales’ is a dirty word.

Even in the USA, the home of overt selling, people spontaneously come up with words such as ‘pushy’, ‘sleazy’, ‘annoying’ and ‘manipulative’ to describe sales or selling.

But, in truth, we are all selling most of the time. Want me to agree with you? Sell me your thought.

Want me to meet you at a certain place? Sell me your proposed venue.

You get the idea.

Companies can no longer sell to people in a crass way. Customers need to want to buy.

So, making a sale may be a complicated conversation with many angles.

Let’s have a look at how textured this can be. 


Kevin is a business adviser, marketing expert, motivational speaker and author.

He is the UK’s best selling business author. He has written over 20 bookswhich have sold over 250,000 copies. They have been voted Telegraph Business Club Book of the Week, WHSmith Book of the Month, Foyles Book of the Month, nominated for CMI Management Book of the Year, and translated into over a dozen languages.

After 20 years in advertising and direct marketing, he has spent the last 20 years as an independent troubleshooter, advising companies on how to improve.

In agencies, he worked with over 400 clients, deployed £600m of funds on more than 200 brands, oversaw over 1,000 projects, and won 35 awards for creativity and effectiveness.

As Expert Advice, Kevin has completed over 800 jobs for 180 clients, including Dentsu, Design Bridge, Discovery Channel, EE, Facebook, The Guardian, Havas, Hearts & Science, Initiative, Iris, JLL, JWT, London School of Economics, M&C Saatchi, Metro, Mediacom, Mindshare, Moonpig, News UK, Ogilvy, Publicis, RBS, Royal Mail, Saatchi & Saatchi, Strutt & Parker, UM, and the World Federation of Advertisers.

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Seven perspectives on selling – to bosses, clients, customers, and consumers.